Edeldark is a Website Showcase created by Exovia Hamburg


Modern web design with effect!

The Exovia Dark Theme is a holistic website concept, consisting of various design and programming elements.

In the combination shown, the dark theme is suitable for high-quality brand experiences. The dark backgrounds in combination with the gold and sepia tones are underlined by smooth page transitions, parallax effects and a sophisticated animation concept.


C:14 M:35 Y:66 K:0
C:04 M:11 Y:29 K:0
C:61 M:67 Y:67 K:82

The color scheme was chosen with the aim of creating a contrast between the high quality represented by the sepia tones and the sobriety of black. The pastel shade highlights the concept of sophistication.

Used Fonts

Primary Typeface

Cinzel variable Font
Aa Bb Cc

Secondary Typeface

Inter variable Font
Aa Bb Cc

The typography was chosen for the widest possible range of applications. This time, more practical considerations were in the foreground. The fonts used were integrated as variable fonts. This minimizes loading times when using several font styles on one page. Both fonts are free and available from goolge fonts. While Cinzil brings antique high quality to life in a modern way, Inter stands for a modern, freedom-loving typeface with endless possibilities. Together, they make dreams come true. In order to meet the requirements of the GDPR, the fonts are hosted locally.

Webdesign Hamburg


Hand Coded

Factor3 websites by exovia are characterized by individually adaptable animations and scrolling effects. Of course, the pages are responsive and highly customizable through individual website design.

exovia is your agency for elegant web design

As a special agency for web design and web development, we love high-quality designs, atmospheric animations and high-end web technologies that inspire your visitors. With Edeldark we not only want to show you what the world's best web designers are hotly discussing. But also to give you the perspective of what is possible today and how a modern website can feel - if you want.

Features and their Backgrounds

Edeldark contains a number of technical refinements built on great technologies and libraries. At this point we would like to thank the great open source projects: GSAP, Barba and their great communities. You can find more information about the design and all the background information on the exovia blog.

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